As part of the major requirements, students must enroll in the Tribal Learning Community and Educational Exchange (TLCEE) course "Working in Tribal Communities" (AM IND C122SL).

American Indian Studies also offers an individual internship course: AM IND 195 "Community Internships in American Indian Studies."

Internships and community learning opportunities can also be found through the UCLA Career Center and the Center for Community Learning (CCL). American Indian Studies offeres a cross-listed course (Same as Afro-American Studies M195CE, Asian American Studies M195CE, Chicana and Chicano Studies M195CE, and Gender Studies M195CE.) through CCL: AM IND M195CE "Comparative Approaches to Community and Corporate Internships."

In addition, students may apply for jobs and/or volunteer opportunities with two student-initiated projects. American Indian Recruitment (AIR) works with Native youth at American Indian centers in Los Angeles County. Retention of American Indians Now! (RAIN) is a retention project serving the undergraduate population at UCLA.