November 13, 2014
12:30pm to 1:30pm

Public Policy 4371 (4th Floor)


The American Indian Studies Interdepartmental Program at UCLA presents a lunchtime reserach talk with Professor Akee.

Household Income and Child Outcomes: Recent Research on the Effects of Casino Operations on American Indian Children

 Randall Akee (Native Hawaiian) talks about a recent study that examines the effect of changes in household income due to casino operations on children (ages 0-6) and adolescent outcomes. The effects span several outcomes such as obesity, educational attainment, criminality and school readiness. The study finds that the results on average tend to be largest for households that are drawn from the poorest ends of the income distribution. These results indicate the direct effect of poverty on children's educational and social development.

Presented in collaboration with the American Indian Student Association's Native American Heritage Week!

*Refreshment's provided