Message from the Chair

Dear Friends and "Family" of the American Indian Studies Program at UCLA, I want to welcome all virtual visitors to our website. This website, is our attempt to better represent our revitalized Interdepartmental Program (IDP) in American Indian Studies. What better way to display our many changes and additions than through the “new look” of our recently renovated website! We hope the new website will help us tell two stories. One is the ongoing story of a pioneering, innovative, and important American Indian Studies Program that is continuing to grow and advance the field in a variety of ways. The other is a story that I hope you will construct with the Program through the information contained here. If you are an applicant, look at the programs and courses we have to offer, check out the 26 faculty members who participate in our program, and see some of our present and former students, and contact us about admission into one or our undergraduate, graduate, or professional degree programs. If you are one of our alumni, look at how we have grown, check out the information about other alumni, write us so that we have updated information about you that we can put on the website. For other friends of American Indian Studies, take a good look at UCLA American Indian Studies and learn more about this leading program has managed to grow during this very difficult economic time.